2 Chainz and Jourdan Dunn came together to cook dinner for the final episode of Dunn’s web cooking series, Well Dunn with Jourdan Dunn. Sparks flew over a pot of beer-steamed crab legs. And by that, we mean that Dunn rapped and 2 Chainz pointed out that she’s a model who doesn’t eat for a living.

Dunn’s no Chrissy Teigen, but perhaps there’s room in our hearts for more than one model chef. The series, which appears on Jay Z’s lifestyle website Life + Times, shows Dunn as a funny, charming hostess.

2 Chainz cooked beer-steamed king crab legs, a recipe from his phenomenal cookbook #MEALTIME. The recipe is one of Chainz’s favorites for weekend dining, when he wants to enjoy a slow meal after a long week.

Genius moments include Dunn rapping the food-centric lyrics she wrote for 2 Chainz’s songs, Chainz saying he “turns the whole world on” with his Instagram food porn, and Dunn sucking the meat out of a crab leg while Chainz says things along the lines of, “You see how she suckin’ it?”

Watch the video above, in which 2 Chainz cooks crab legs like a boss.

[via Life and Times]

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