Today’s the day: 2 Chainz has released his new vlog, “Mealtime Cookbook.” As 2 Chainz readily admits, his food porn posts were just too drool-inducing for everyone to resist, and he felt compelled to let us all in on the man behind all those carefully prepared plates: his personal chef. Cooking is just “what I do,” says the tour-bus cook, even if he’s not “the quintessential chef.” Hear all about his philosophy on cooking for a famous rap star in the video above. [via Def Jam]

Then check out some other cool food happenings of the day:

Discover the “culinary potential” of weed. [via New Yorker]

Katz’s Deli gets hit by a When Harry Met Sally¬†flash mob.¬†[via Huff Post]

See what famous people had for their last meal. [via Fast Company]

And in face-palm news: Paula Deen is back in action with a new show and store in the works. [via Grub Street]