Behold, the Pie Pal, an internet-connected button that allows you to get pizza delivered in 30 minutes with one simple push. Right now, PiePal is in the beta testing phase and is looking for pizza-lovers to sign up to try it on their site.

Pie Pal pros: it keeps you from having to talk to anyone while ordering food; it’s even faster and simpler than the myriad of other food-delivery apps; it looks like something a mad scientist would use. Pie Pal cons: currently, it only orders Dominoes (Why?!); the dial only allows you to order five pizzas at a time; and what if stoners can’t remember how many times they’ve hit the button?

For more info on the PiePal check out the video above or their website, which carries the disclaimer “THOUGH THIS SITE IS EXCESSIVELY TONGUE-IN-CHEEK, PIEPAL IS A REAL PRODUCT IN DEVELOPMENT BY THE FINE FOLKS AT ISTRATEGYLABS IN WASHINGTON, DC.”

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