Controversial animal rights organization PETA has just released its annual Thanksgiving video, and it includes absolutely no nude women deepthroating vegetables. It appears PETA is actually about animals, and not softcore porn. Who knew?

PETA is known for its wild advertising methods, including body-painting nude models and leaving them in cages to demonstrate animal cruelty. As a point of reference, we present the banned PETA Superbowl ad from several years ago:

The new video, entitled “‘Thanks!’—An Animated Trip to Holiday Slaughter,” features cartoon-style animation and a happy ending. The video follows a small boy who befriends a turkey on his way to slaughter, then accidentally gets pulled into the meat processing plant.

While the video isn’t exactly relaxing and fuzzy, PETA has managed to make an effective point about meat processing. There is a huge gap between the animal itself and the prepackaged turkey legs you can buy at the grocery store. It’s food for thought.

Watch the video to experience the tale of Factory Farming.

[via Jezebel]