New York City-based artists the Patella brothers (that’s Antonello, Sandro, and Roberto) are a visual force to be reckoned with. Their latest creation, DISH, is a series of 13 plates being sold exclusively through Artware editions. “Each trompe l’oei design has a distinct narrative told through a serendipitous combination of objects that feels surrealist or dreamlike,” reads the series description.

With imagery including nails, cigarette butts, crabs, butterflies, cocaine, and razor blades, the resulting dishes feel very surreal, as well as a bit creepy—but in a supremely intriguing way. We spoke with the Patella brothers, who told us that they try to “explore new perspectives and altered visions of the ordinary, and the DISH series has brought [their] interest into the realm of the everyday object.”

The brothers elaborate on their artistic process:

“The process of creating this series was fun, but very challenging. We had a certain idea in mind of how these images would translate on porcelain after we composed and photographed them. It took a lot of trial and error—as well as patience—to achieve the final result, which we are extremely happy with.”

Click through the slideshow to see some of the Patella brothers‘ surrealist, unusual plates.