The Cronut has undergone one of the most remarkable journeys of any foodstuff in recent memory, evolving from trendy pastry, to celebrity accessory, to a thing people trade for sex—all in the course of a single summer. Yet deep down, we all knew the world-conquering croissant-donut hybrid would end up here: knocked off and sold to brunching mooks in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Review-Journal gossip columnist Norm Clarke brings word of the new “cronuts” on the menu at Lavo in the Palazzo.

Since Vegas has artificial versions of all the other wonders of the world, it was only a matter of time before it got its hands on this culinary phenomenon. The price—”$12 for an order of four”—doesn’t seem too extortionate (the genuine article is $5 a pop), until you consider how weak and un-Cronutlike the pastries look. But we’re guessing no one will care at all about how it tastes since this is what brunch at Lavo looks like:


Champagne and fauxnuts for my real friends, real pain and, uh, real Cronuts for my sham friends?

Meanwhile, on the complete opposite end of the Cronut-imposter spectrum, Alex Stupak reports

The best part? There was no line.

[via Las Vegas Review-Journal]