The Instagram account @cookingforbae has captured the most atrocious #struggleplates on Instagram, a.k.a disgusting, despicable, horrifying heaps of food that people feel they need to share with the world. The evil genius who mans @cookingforbae provides the following description for what they’re attempting to do with this Instagram account: “So you’re cooking for bae? .. IG dedicated to struggle plates and inedible cuisine.. send your additions to”

Yes, you can send @cookingforbae your most ratchet meals—whether that means a lone hot dog with BBQ sauce drizzled over it, a nasty piece of fried chicken atop of an oily piece of notebook paper, or a plate of pallid broccoli with a side of sour cream—and @cookingforbae will post it on Instagram.

This account is truly where food porn goes to die a slow and sorry #struggleplate death. Enjoy.

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