We’ve all been there. You meant to stay for one drink, then, the next thing you know you’re preparing to take shots with the bartender and your new best friend you met five minutes ago. Suddenly, it’s Sunday morning and you’re crawling to the kitchen in dire need of water and Advil. And food—lots of food.

Max and Eli Sussman, the Midwestern-born Brooklynites who gained their culinary chops working at Roberta’s and Mile End Deli, respectively, are all too familiar with this scfenario. In their new cookbook, The Best Cookbook Ever, the brothers have collected more than 70 recipes targeted at young people more interested in deliciousness than perfection, with chapters ranging from “Daddy Needs a Snack” to “Just Because You Don’t Have Friends Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Make Dinner,” and perhaps the most useful of all, “Hangover Cures.”

Here, the Sussman’s share their 10 commandments of how to cure a hangover, including recipes and restaurant recommendations for those painful mornings.