Chef Mario Batali is famous for his food, his friendship with Her Royal GOOPness Gwyneth Paltrow, and his orange crocs.

In a recent interview with Details, Batali revealed that he currently owns about 30 pairs of Bistro Vent Crocs, and recently purchased 200 additional pairs.

The Bistro Vent line, launched by crocs in 2007, created a special orange shade just for the master chef. He says that “[Crocs] is about to take orange out of the field. They made a special run for me before they retired the color.”

When asked how he feels about the debacle, Batali answered, “They’re gonna stop the Mario Batali orange! It’s preposterous! But they’re doing pretty well without me. Nothing lasts forever, baby.”

We’d like to take a moment of silence to mourn Batali’s horrendous shoe color.


Okay. On to bigger and better things, guys. Like shoes with laces.

[via Details]