Twenty-five-year-old Loni Jane used to party hard and subsist solely on junk food, until her health hit rock bottom. Jane told the NY Post that at the height of her unhealthy lifestyle she “started getting skin infections, acne and putting on weight…I wanted to sleep all the time and ended up with a whole range of health problems including candida overgrowth, hormone imbalance, irregular periods and hair loss.”

The last straw came when Jane picked up parasites and dengue fever while traveling in Thailand. Yeesh. After being prescribed a host of antibiotics that only made her feel worse, Jane decided to take things into her own hands. After research and some trial error, she came across Douglas N. Graham’s 80/10/10 diet. This diet, consisting of 80% carbs, 10% protein, and 10% fat, allows the dieter to eat as many fruits and vegetables as their heart desires.

Loni usually eats about 10 bananas for breakfast, and a “mono meal” for lunch that consists of one fruit or vegetable—”[the mono meal] is really good for digestion and goes straight through you,” explains Loni.

Although Loni Jane has enjoyed a fair amount of Internet fame via her Instagram and Tumblr accounts—where she posts photos of her beloved fruit—she has received a fair amount of flack recently. A little over six months pregnant, followers have begun to doubt her diet and if her baby is receiving enough nutrients to develop properly. This diet is undoubtably extreme, but does it become dangerous when another life is involved? Though we trust that Jane has seen someone who will inform her if changes need to be made to her diet, it forces us to wonder, whatever happened to the philosophy of “everything in moderation”?

Photo: @lonijane

Photo: @lonijane

[via NY Post]