Skip to the 1:30 mark to hear “Italian Hero Sandwich of Love.”

If you thought R. Kelly’s euphemistic food-themed jam “Cookie” would be his last, think again. In an interview this week with Rolling Stone, he proved he can turn anything into a sexy R&B hit, including dolphins, newspapers, and—wait for it—Italian hero sandwiches. That’s right, R. Kelly will make you see that capicola and salami-stuffed hero in a whole new light after you hear his improvised song “Italian Hero Sandwich of Love.” With lyrics like: Bring you and your friend to my crib baby / And y’all can sandwich me / Like an Italian hero sandwich, you’ll be too mesmerized to worry about the specifics of that metaphor.

Check out the full song—unfortunately brief as it is—in the video above at the 1:30 mark, but don’t miss out on the gems “Sex Dolphin” and “Sex Newspaper” that R.Kelly blesses us with just before it. Fingers crossed all these hits make an appearance on his next album.

[via Rolling Stone]

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