It took less than 60 seconds for a supply of 25 fried-chicken-scented candles to sell out online—but the real surprise is that these KFC candles weren’t invented sooner. How have we lived without KFC-scented homes up to this point? How did we not think of frying chicken in wax and making it into a candle?

Before they were sold out, the website Kentucky for Kentucky sold the “all-natural soy wax” candles for $22 online. According to the site, the idea to make them came to creator Kathy Werking “in an awe-inspiring dream,” which compelled her to take a skillet, some chicken, and some wax and fry up 25 of these bad boys. Also, way to admit you sometimes dream about fried chicken. (Kathy; you’re not alone.) Hopefully, she’ll be inspired to crank out some more of the candles given the high demand, but until then, we’ll have to get our fast food scents elsewhere.

[via Eater, Kentucky for Kentucky]

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