This Gourmet Scratch Map, created by Luckies of London, encourages you to follow your European food dreams and scratch off what you’ve eaten one dish at a time. Choose a country on the map, then visit the Gourmet Scratch Map website to find the corresponding recipe.

Filters enable you to choose a recipe by color or ingredients. After enjoying your meal, check which spot on the map corresponds and scratch it off. Repeat and repeat until your culinary palate is satiated.

If you can resist diving into the meal immediately, Luckies invites you to share photos of your international dish with them using the Instagram hashtags #luckiesoflondon and #gourmetscratchmap.

The map is a matte laminate print with scratch-able colored foil on top. It is available for purchase here for $28.64.

Click through the gallery to see the Gourmet Scratch Map in action.

[via Design Taxi, Gourmet Scratch Map]