In this wacky modern age, robots are being invented to perform just about every task. They can work a register, be janitors, and now, they can make noodles.

Chinese farmer-turned-inventor Cui Run Quan (who we predict will soon be known as Rich Homie Quan to his friends) was inspired when he realized that a local noodle maker made more money than he did on his struggling chicken farm. Though he didn’t know how to make noodles, he decided to try to make something that could.

Quan’s noodlebot can make four bowls of noodles in one minute, doubling the production of a human noodle maker, not to mention it can make eight different types of noodles. With the rising cost of labor in China, the bots have been quite popular, and restaurants say that the customers love the little bots.

Yes, robot-cut noodles aren’t as romantic as hand-pulled or hand-cut noodles—but, hey, if robots are gonna take over the world anyway, they might as well make us noodles while they’re at it.

[via CNN]