In the newest episode of VICE’s “Munchies” series, we follow Lee Tiernan, head chef at London’s St. John’s Bread and Wine for a night of snackin’ and boozin’. Tiernan is joined by chef Fergus Henderson, London’s king of nose-to-tail cooking, proclaimed “all-seeing chef,” and founder of St. John’s Bar and Restaurant. Chef Tiernan kicks off the crawl at Bread and Wine, the St. John sister restaurant, introducing himself as the “hung over” head chef. He first takes us through a few of his restaurant’s classic dishes and then journeys on to some of his favorite grub spots in London.

You can watch the full video of the escapade above, and check out some of our favorite episode highlights:

    • Chef Tiernan makes pig head and back fat into a “blood cake.”
    • Tiernan and crew join Chef Fergus for some classic St. John’s bone marrow—and then spill some red wine on themselves.
    • Chef Fergus alludes to his drinking prowess and his “singed” pancreas.
    • Tiernan & co. head to Lahore Kahari in South London with a plastic bag full of beers.
    • There, they karate chop some papadum at the table.
    • At Tiernan’s beloved pub, The Golden Heart, he shows the world his “sex face.”
    • Tiernan moonwalks down Brick Lane.
    • The gang picks up a “steaming bag” of bagels at Beigel Bake, “where they’re always rude.”
    • Chef Tiernan stuffs the bagels with marinated oxtail for some drool-inducing, next-level drunchies.

[via VICE]