Ah, truffles: an ingredient so desirably delicious it makes people lose their minds—or at least their moral compasses. Likely related to their hefty price tags, black and white truffles have historically been linked to a slew of misdeeds and immoralities. Check out Grub Street’s breakdown of some of the worst truffle crimes to ever be executed, from sheer gluttony, to puppy poisoning (no!), to murder. Here’s some other stuff we loved today:

Pennsylvania police apprehended a groper by following a trail of Arby’s curly fries. [NBC New York]

The duffin is a metaphor for the place of originality in a trademark-dominant world. [New Statesman]

Scott Nelowet boosted his company, French Fry Heaven, using a mobile game app. [NY Times]

Eddie Huang continues eating his way through the Motor City with part three of Fresh off the Boat: Detroit. [Vice]

The sausage gun is here to empower at-home sausage makers everywhere; and also to look cool. [Gizmodo]