Part 1 of Fresh Off The Boat: Moscow premiered today on VICE. In the episode, Eddie and the gang take to the streets of Moscow to experiment with the differences between food in Russia and America, like hot dogs, shish-kabobs, and vodka—especially vodka. Though the episode starts off with questionable discussions of racism in Russian and American culture, (we encourage skipping to the 5 minutes mark), Eddie moves on to mix his provocative statements with some good eats.

Episode Highlights:

  • Huang tries some modern Russian shashlik (a.k.a. delicious BBQ meat on a stick) in a yard in Moscow.
  • One Russian guy who is showing Eddie around the city gets caught on mic convincing his friend: “I’m telling you, he is a cool, funny Chinese guy.” 
  • Huang and the crew do a ton of vodka shots. After, Huang keels over in a van and moans, “I just wanna go home.”

Watch the full episode above to witness Huang and co. get weird in Moscow.

[via VICE]