If you’re in Boston or Philadelphia this week, be sure to check out the hottest food truck on the block: The Economist.

The current events and op-ed magazine has teamed up with ad agency BBDO to create a truck serving free “hot potatoes,” in reference to the magazine’s coverage of hot-button issues. “The baked taters come with labels citing issues like same-sex marriage, gun control or North Korea,” reports AdAgeEconomist representatives are on hand to discuss the heavy issues with passerby.

In an interview with AdAge, Kara Goodrich, BBDO senior VP-senior creative director, explains:

“Our challenge was to raise awareness by focusing on what sets The Economist apart from other publications—its unique global insight and opinion.”

This latest stunt is part of a larger Economist campaign to engage readers. The campaign also features bar coasters with a thinking-man’s twist on drinking slogans, such as “Don’t think alone” and “Be the designated thinker.”


BBDO Senior Creative Director Jean Robaire told AdAge, “We wanted to communicate the notion that reading The Economist can provide you with a world view. Using visual concepts allowed us to do that quickly and with great impact.”

Stop by the truck to pick up a tater and test your current events knowledge.

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