This ingenious send-up of hyperbole-ridden apartment ads on Craigslist imagines what would happen if a commission-happy NYC broker tried to sell common bodega products. The best part: It’s full of a pedestrian foods, like Hamburger Helper and Sun Chips, described in ridiculously over-the-top terms. A Hershey’s chocolate bar justifies its $4,450 price tag because it “easily converts into 12 bars,” while Spaghetti-Os are lauded for still using the “original, prewar recipe.”

What’s frightening to think about is whether these shouty tactics are really that much more ridiculous than the ways that food is already marketed to us.

Click through the gallery to see the caps-lock–heavy sales technique of the Bodega Broker.

All images via and @brillospad

[via @donetodeath]