Bun B, of the legendary Houston hip-hop duo UGK, is a true Renaissance man. In addition to dropping his fourth solo album, Trill OG: The Epilogue, this week, Bun teaches a twice-weekly “Religion and Hip Hop” course at Rice University, and he’s got an encyclopedic knowledge of things like sneakers, sports, rap music, and Houston food trucks.

Needless to say, when Bun rolled through the office yesterday, we had to corner him for a quick chat about one of his favorite topics: eating. We spoke with Bun about Texas sausages, his new food site (You Gotta Eat This), and his tentative plans to open a sports bar.

What’s your favorite place to get Cajun food in Port Arthur Texas?

I mean, I’m probably gonna be biased. The best place for me to get Cajun food in Port Arthur is my mom’s house. You know what I’m saying?

What are the best sausages to use for a proper Texas gumbo?

Well, it depends on where you are and what you can get access to. In Port Arthur Texas, or southeast Texas, most people are gonna use Zummo’s sausage. Zummo’s is a locally based sausage company. Most people in immediate proximity will be using Zummo’s sausage. In Texas, we have some very interesting sausages.

Earl Campbell is a very popular sausage. Earl Campbell is a running back for the Houston Oilers, and of course, Texas is completely a football state. There’s nothing we love more in Texas than football. And as far as a running back—a player that was fully committed to doing that—Earl Campbell is probably one of the best representatives we have of football in Texas. And he has a very big meat company.

Also Vince Young, who is an NFL quarterback and an icon at the University of Texas, he has a very, very big following. He also does meat. I’m thinking about starting a meat company because everybody else does. Yeah, so your sausage is definitely either going to come from Zummo’s, or possibly Earl Campbell.

Would you ever considered and opening your own place, like Questlove did recently with his fried-chicken joint? 

We had been talking about doing something eventually. I don’t want to give away the name of it, because we’re still getting the copyright. But, yeah, I’ve really been thinking of something more sports-based, because I’m becoming more and more known for being involved in the sports world. So, we’re probably going to do something more along the lines of a bar and grill, and we’ll have regular bar food. You know, wings and tenders—but maybe put a different spin on them.

What are you hoping to achieve with your food blog, YouGottaEatThis.Com, and where does the blog go from here?

When we started this blog, it was never about trying to get banners and ads and all of that. Myself and Premium Pete—who’s co-founder and day-to-day manager of the blog—we initially bonded over sneakers. Pete does SneakerTube.TV, and I’m known as a sneaker aficionado.

So, our initial bond was over sneakers, but every time we would get together to talk about sneakers it would be over food. And Pete has a very healthy appetite for being such a small guy. He’s a fat Italian who hasn’t realized he’s fat yet. And that’s all we ever did was eat and eat and eat, and we were always thinking of different things that we could possibly try to do together. Probably the most common thing that we could think of was food—because, you know, we all dress different, we all look different, but the one common factor between pretty much every human is food. We all like food.

So, our thing was just to find like-minded people. We figured, best-case scenario, we were able to get good tables at a restaurant—that was fine with us. You know, both of us have jobs, so it’s never about trying to make money with this site. It’s about connecting with other foodies and giving people an outlet to love food. It was always meant to be more interactive than us just telling people where to eat.

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