Anybody who grew up in the last 30 years knows that The Simpsons holds a special place in American pop culture. The show is a truly brilliant satirical representation of the average American family. It’s been lauded as a classic by basically everyone and sustained an impressive 25-season run. But we’re here to highlight a very specific and essential element of the show: namely, Homer Simpson’s gluttonous eating habits.

The guy is a tank. He guzzles Duff beer down his pipe like an 18-wheeler does diesel. He’s the heart of the family, the man of the house, and—of course—the biggest child of all. Homer’s charm is in his instinct, his utter lack of self-control, and the subsequent regret that’s inevitable after giving into every whim of his voracious appetite.

Homer has an unwavering love of donuts, a passion for pork chops, and an obsession with chocolate. He’s an animal around food, unable to control his barbarian-like eating instincts. So we thought it’d only be right if we chop the best videos of Homer stuffing his face in GIFs to inspire your own feasting as we enter the most gluttonous time of year.

Click through the gallery to see Homer Simpson’s gluttonous eating and drinking habits, immortalized in GIF form.