A recent article in TIME, titled “The Gods of Food,” sparked controversy over sexism in haute cuisine and the media. One of the writers who profiled a female (non-chef) in the TIME issue interviewed Alice Waters of Chez Panisse and other prominent women restaurateurs about what they think is “holding female chefs back.” Here are some of Alice Waters’ insightful comments on the subject:

  • “Women are just not thought of as capable as men.”
  • “Maybe a few in the pastry department rise up but that’s not even considered an important part of the meal, that’s just dessert.”
  • “One of the issues is motherhood for sure. I’ve had that struggle in my own life, whether to sacrifice motherhood for being in the kitchen.” 
  • “When you see women in the kitchen you think it’s a domestic thing and when you see men you think it’s a creative thing. That’s what we need to change.”
  • “When I saw the cover of Time I saw three people that I really admire. They’re people who are very principled. People who are doing important work whether it’s in the rainforest or in the schools. But I felt like the things that are important to me and to many people on the planet were not celebrated in that article. If we celebrated food for what it should be celebrated for, women would just naturally rise to the top.”

Read the whole reactionary article on TIME.com.

[via TIME]