In part one of the latest episode of Fresh Off The Boat, Eddie Huang heads to Detroit and eats massive Big Baby Burgers with Detroit rapper Danny Brown. In the intro to the video, Huang gets in trouble for pissing outside of Memo’s Barber Shop in Linwood, the barber shop at which Danny gets his hair cut for $5.

When Huang asks Danny Brown if they’re going to go visit all the spots he used to go to back in the day, Brown responds:

All the shit I’ve been going to since back in the day—that shit is burnt down, or just a field right now…But, shit being so desolate, you can just throw a poppin’ ass rave in any one of these warehouses, have fucking a thousand people, no police presence, and do whatever the fuck you want in that motherfucker. And everyone goes home safe.”

Brown also comments that if you have a solid business idea, you can easily start a business and make money in Detroit because property is so cheap. Which has us thinking, will Detroit be the hot new food destination a couple years from now? We think Big Baby Burgers has better prepare for the incoming competition.

[via VICE]