Anyone whose strolled through the madness of Times Square has noticed the profusion of costumed characters that dot the area—armies of Iron Mans, Elmos, and Dora the Explorers all turning the hectic intersection into a terrifying Bermuda Triangle of pre-teen pop culture. Observing them weaving the crowds, soliciting tips for photos with tourists, brings up countless questions: How hot is it in there? Do little kids have a “WTF!?” moment when they see Woody from Toy Story kicking it on the corner with Spiderman? And what do these people eat for lunch?

Figuring that popping into a restaurant is somewhat impractical when you’re dressed like Spongebob or covered in body paint, I decided to buy some of these characters some classic NYC street hot dogs for a snack break (and payed photo opp). While some were hesitant to accept, other were happy to lift their cartoonish heads for a quick bite. The most appreciative of the lot? The chiseled, guitar-strumming Naked Cowboy.

“I don’t usually have my wiener out, folks,” he said before digging in.

Click through the gallery above to see the characters of Times Square taking a hot dog break.