Choosing where to order delivery can be a challenge, especially when it comes to pizza. Are you craving an avalanche of cheese via Pizza Hut? Maybe those secret lava cakes from Domino’s? Perhaps you’re feeling a little country, and craving that Taylor Swift Package deal from Papa John’s.

Sometimes, you just want it to get to you fast. That’s where “Pizza Place Geography” comes in. This colorful map—brought to you by— shows the closest pizza chain location (within a 10 mile radius) to anywhere in the US, in the form of clean colorful markings.

Pizza Hut dominates the list as one would expect; although, Domino’s is not far behind. Dark horse Chuck E. Cheese is very present on the East Coast, and Papa Murphy’s dominated the Pacific Northwest.

Check out the map above to nerd out on pizza chain graphic info.

And the quick maps below break it down according to each chain, and show where the actual pizza locations are.

[via Flowing Data, Thrillist]