Oreos with candy corn filling. Disgusting? Delicious? Just plain weird? The staff at NPR’s food blog, The Salt, set to find out whether or not Nabisco’s special edition Candy Corn Oreos were up to snuff. Here are some of our favorite of the staff’s reactions to the Frankenstein Candy Corn Oreo:

Eva: “I bet these Oreos wish they could dress as regular Oreos for Halloween.”

Miles: “I can’t wait for ‘Apple with a Razor Blade’ Oreos!”

Ian: “I hope these Oreos are vegan, so vegans have something to not eat.”

Robert: “Awww, this looks just like the cute little Oreos my kids used to make with Play-Doh. Except those were edible.”

The final verdict? While these are definitely not as great as the O.G. Oreo, they are “weirdly addictive.” Column author Ian Chillag sums up the strange and eerie effect of the Candy Corn Oreo:

Here’s what’s going on in my brain right now, as I sit 2 feet away from the unfinished package of Candy Corn Oreos: ‘Gross what a dumb idea EAT ANOTHER ONE regular Oreos are so much better EAT ANOTHER ONE DAMN IT Candy Corn Oreos are stupid EAT THEM TILL THEY’RE GONE YOU ARE POWERLESS.’

We’re a little intrigued and a little grossed out by this limited edition Halloween Oreo flavor. Ultimately, we just want Nabisco to bring these awesome watermelon Oreos back so R. Kelley can rap about them and have his face Photoshopped onto the package.

[via NPR]