This week, Vimeo channel Cool Hunting brings us a step closer to reliving our childhoods. They have this to say about their latest find, a lunch box museum in Columbus, GA housing more than 2,000 lunch boxes and lunch box-related items:

“While recently rambling through the rolling hills of Georgia, CH we ended up on the outskirts of Columbus at the world’s largest Lunchbox Museum, situated in the back of the Rivermarket Antique Mall. Owner Allen Woodall is an avid collector of many things—from classic cars to southern pottery—but his lunchboxes are at the top of his list. We spent the day with Woodall browsing his epic collection, which spans generations, styles and materials.”

Here are a few nuggets of lunch box history from the video:

  • The lunch box craze started around 1951
  • From 1951 to 1985, there were over 600 different lunch boxes produced
  • An electric lunch box was made in the 1940s


Watch the video and try to spot that Batman lunch box you used to treasure.

[via Design Taxi]