Overeager hot-sauce lovers will never stop attempting to eat deathly hot peppers, and we’d like to thank them for it. The routine is always the same: Stare down the pepper, brace yourself, devour quickly to avoid any second-guessing, and let the havoc set in. Then, the pain sets in—they flail and shake, then dry heave, tear up, sweat, chug milk in desperation, and, more often then not, vomit uncontrollably.

No matter who you are—regardless of your supposed heat tolerance—if you eat bhut jolokia (ghost pepper), you’re going to regret it immediately. This should all be common sense by now, but it most certainly is not. In fact, there’s a vast community of hilarious, doomed food challengers out there on Youtube who put themselves through immense pepper-induced pain for your own amusement and shock.

After sifting through an abundance of Pepper Challenge home videos, we’ve compiled the absolute best.

Click through the gallery to see the 10 best videos of people eating ridiculously hot peppers and inevitably freaking out.