Diners should be wary when ordering meat dishes in Chicago’s Chinatown.

Police arrested local fish farmer Alexander Moy earlier this week for illegally buying and selling wildlife in Starke County, reports Times of Northwestern Indiana. He had been selling deer, turtle, and raccoon meat to various marketplaces in Chicago. These markets then sold the meat to restaurants in the area, specifically Chicago’s Chinatown.

Lt. Tom Torsell of The Illinois Department of Natural Resources explains that the investigation into Moy’s meat marketing is ongoing, with more arrests anticipated. One of the remaining goals of the investigation is “actually figuring out where all of this stuff went.” Good call, Lieutenant. Let us know.

The 47-year-old Moy was arrested Monday at his business, Kankakee Valley Fish Farm in Hamlet, following a two-year investigation by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.

[via NWI Times]

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