Working in the Complex offices means that we see a lot of interesting characters come through our halls. This week, MMG’s Meek Mill (@MeekMill) stopped by and we chatted him up about eating in his hometown of Philadelphia.

What are the best things to eat in Philly?
Cheesesteak, soul food, Italian food, Chinese food…

What are some specific spots you’d recommend?
Soul II Soul, Ishkabibbles, and Reddy’s [Breakfast and Lunch]. At Reddy’s, you can get a salmon cheesesteak with shrimp on it—they replace the steak and put salmon and shrimp on a long hoagie roll. It’s my homie’s restaurant and he’s got special names for his sandwiches—the “Clizzy Mac,” the “Rock the World”…his sandwiches got the funniest names.

Where can you get the best cheesesteaks?
I only eat cheesesteaks from Ishkabibbles, with ketchup, mayonnaise, fries, onions…if you order it you gotta get it like that, with all the toppings on it.

What’s your first stop whenever you get back to Philly?
South Street. I might get my jewelry cleaned, get some clothes, eat a cheesesteak, see some pretty girls.