McDonald’s is forging ahead with their campaign to break hearts promote nutrition by replacing Happy Meal toys with books.

November 1st through the 14th, the famous kids’ meals will contain one of four original children’s stories, featuring stories and characters that encourage healthy eating. These include the sympathetic “Goat Who Ate Everything,” as well as two puzzlingly healthy-yet-extinct characters: Deana the Dinosaur and Doddi the Dodo bird.

While taking away kids’ toys is plenty ambitious, McDonald’s promotion would also make them the largest national publisher of children’s books. They hope to distribute 20 million books in two weeks, 5 million more copies than the The¬†Hunger Games sold in 2012.

Best of luck, Micky D’s, but don’t forget how the kiddies reacted¬†last time you tried to change their stuff.

[via Advertising Age]