F**k eating cereal with milk out of a bowl. In honor of National Cereal Lovers Week (October 14th-20th), Justin Warner of Bed-Stuy restaurant Do or Dine made some bizarre but sort of delicious-looking cereal recipes with the Fox & Friends team. Justin—who has gained notoriety for out-of-the-box dishes like jam and foie gras-filled doughnuts—wonders why Americans don’t use cereal like they would use any other pantry ingredient, for example cumin and oregano.

Warner starts off by making Cocoa Puffs carbonara with eggs, pasta, cheese, bacon, and of course Cocoa Puffs. ‘It’s got that nice textural crunch. Think about how limp this dish would be without the Cocoa Puffs,” says Warner.

Then the chef moves on to cereal-enhanced cocktails. He presents the FOX news hosts with the ‘Fizzy Trix’, a ramos gin fizz garnished with Trix. The third and last dish he explains is banana split pea soup made with Banana Nut Cheerios. At Do or Dine, Warner makes a pumpkin soup with Golden Grahams.

When the Fox news host asks Warner why people love cereal so much, the restaurateur replies, “Because it’s awesome and it makes us feel good and it makes us smile. Look at the two of you.”

[via The Braiser]

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