Ja Rule —who just got out of jail after serving two years for illegal gun possession—made an appearance on Geoffrey Zakarian’s SiriusXM show “Food Talk” last night. Ja talked about what it’s like cooking in jail, and how he wants to write a cookbook based on microwaveable dishes.

According to Page Six, the Queens rapper “explained that while behind bars he learned to cook anything and everything in a microwave.” The rapper also mentioned that while in jail, he cooked dishes including lasagna and cheesecake rather than choosing to eat the prison grub. Ja Rule is all about standards.

[pullquote]”[The food inside] is not too good but you get packages and stuff like that. You can eat pretty good. You can eat decent enough,” Ja Rule told TMZ. “I ate everything. In jail, they’re pretty crafty. We made lasagna, we made cheesecakes, we had lots of things. I really didn’t eat prison food.”[/pullquote]

Cheesecake made in the microwave? This is mind-blowing. Ja, please publish your cookbook quick so we can learn your microwaveable cheesecake recipe, and you can compete with 2 Chainz and Coolio for greatest cookbook written by a rapper this year.

[via Huffington Post, Page Six]

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