Last night on Charlie Rose, chefs extraordinaire Thomas Keller and Grant Achatz discussed their careers and promoted the upcoming documentary, Spinning Plates. The documentary profiles Achatz’s restaurant Alinea, named the seventh-best restaurant in the world. The doc also discusses Achatz’s battle with stage four tongue cancer.

In the interview, the Alinea chef elaborates on his connection with cooking as well as his time at The French Laundry.

As for Keller, he quietly adds praise for Achatz’s career. In the video, he says,

“You can tell there’s something special there when someone comes into the kitchen and works. And you see their ability, it’s kind of a natural ability, whether it’s the way they walk through the kitchen, the way they hold their knife, the way they clean their station. Just the way they handle food, there’s a huge sense of respect … When you see that in somebody you say, ‘Okay. There’s somebody who is going to be wonderful and great someday.'”

With words like these from Keller, who needs a PR rep? Needless to say, we can’t wait to see the film.

Watch the poignant clip from the Charlie Rose interview above.

[via Eater]