Top Chef: New Orleans debuted last night on Bravo. The first episode of the 11th season was a big pile of NOLA stereotypes disguised as television. As Dave Walker of points out, “Turtles, frogs and gators were sacrificed for the debut episode. Mardi Gras beads were tossed and caught out-of-season. There was a trip to the swamp.” These are things which residents of New Orleans obviously do on a regular basis—along with eating beignets every morning, making turducken every night, calling their city “N’awlins,” and worshiping Emeril Lagasse as if he were Jesus Christ.

We would be fools to ignore the local New Orleans Twit-fit that’s going on over the ridiculous Top Chef: NOLA premiere. Locals are truly having a bon temp making fun of Padma, the competing chefs, Commander’s Palace chef Tory McPhail, and the show as a whole. Click through the gallery to see some of the standout tweets trashing the show.

Then watch this video of the Top Chef: New Orleans contestants drinking hand grenades and wearing beads while discovering Bourbon Street for the first time.

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