Robert Simonson, who you might recognize from the pages of the New York Times, where he writes about spirits, cocktails, and bars, recently tweeted a picture of Goldfish SpaghettiOs, calling this mashup phenomenon #MashupInsanity:


This truly is #MashupInsanity, and should arguably be getting more press than ramen burgers and Cronuts combined. There’s no reason SpaghettiOs—those tender little pasta Os in a tomato and cheese sauce—shouldn’t be combined with every child’s favorite snack, Goldfish crackers. And there’s no reason you shouldn’t eat a can of these for dinner tonight, instead of waiting in line for an Umami burger.

Unless, you grab that coveted Umami Burger and replace the patty with Goldfish SpaghettiOs to make an Umami-SpaghettiOs sloppy joe/pasta sandwich. Or chop up a Cronut and put it in plain SpaghettiOs and make Cronut Spaghetti Os. Come on, you know the internet would love you if you did.

[via Twitter]

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