Business Insider polled 414 New Yorkers, asking them to pick which neighborhoods have the best food, the best bars, the most yuppies, and the most attractive people, among many other things. The results show a true account of how opinionated New Yorkers feel about NYC neighborhoods.

Some results are obvious—of course Chinatown and Flushing have the best Chinese food—but other preferences we wouldn’t have guessed. Here are the key food and drink-related insights we gleaned from studying the Business Insider maps:

Which neighborhood has the best bars?

The East Village

Runners up: The Lower East Side and Greenwich Village

Which neighborhood has the best food?

Greenwich Village

Runners up: Midtown, the East Village, and Little Italy

Which neighborhood has the worst food?

The Financial District

Runners up: Midtown and Staten Island

Which neighborhood has the best Chinese food?


Runner up: Flushing

[via Business Insider]