Japan is pretty much murdering every other country in the cake and pastry department. And now, Japanese bakeries are making “ramen cake” (ラーメンケーキ), which is cake that’s shaped like everyone’s favorite Japanese noodle dish. Kotaku reports that today, the dessert was featured on Yahoo! Japan, and the website Pouch provided readers with an instructional video on how to make a ramen cake at home. Kotaku talks about the ingredients and make up of a ramen cake:

There are different recipes. Some are more pudding and cream based, with a Mont Blanc dessert doubling at the noodles. Others are more cake-like. Usually, a jelly is made to recreate the soup broth.

While “ramen cakes” haven’t gone mainstream in Japan just yet, they are becoming more and more popular. And ramen isn’t the only savory dish that’s sold in pastry form in Japan, there are also pastries made to look like unagi (eel), desserts that looks like a rice omelette, and soba and chawanmushi (egg custard) in cake form. It’s a truly crazy world of Japanese pastry out there.

The uneaten ramen cake. (Photo: Kotaku)

The uneaten ramen cake. (Photo: Kotaku)

Here’s an instructional video on how to make ramen cake at home:

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