Shout out to baker and blogger SugaryWinzy, who modeled her Halloween SCREAM Cheese Brownies after Munch’s famous painting, The Scream. She followed up her masterpiece with a batch of spiderweb brownies to set the mood.

SugaryWinzy writes that she created the giant brownie because “the mood, the mysterious quality to the subject’s cry for help and just the general aura remind [her] of late night Halloween movies.” Munch’s original pastel (pictured below) features a single, screaming figure in the foreground painted with thick strokes. Several blurry almost-figures in the background emphasize the subject’s sense of isolation.

SugaryWinzy baked the spiderweb brownies by using a brownie batter and a cream cheese mixture. She dragged toothpicks through the cream cheese mixture, creating the illusion of creepy spiderwebs. The brownie recipe has a moist crumb with a shiny surface.

You can find the complete Scream brownie recipe here.

Photo: Southeby's

Photo: Sotheby’s

[via Incredible Things, SugaryWinzy]