The children have spoken, and they want more of that infamous “pink slime.”

The Washington Post reports that public schools in Fairfax County, Virginia, started the year serving all-beef burgers as part of a healthy eating initiative championed by the advocacy group Real Food for Kids. The all-beef burgers replaced processed patties made with up to 27 mysterious ingredients, including a filler product often called “pink slime” that is officially known as “lean finely textured beef.” But, the kids complained so much about the new burgers that the school went back to serving a burger from the former slime burger manufacturer, Don Lee Farms. Supposedly, the newest burgers don’t have pink slime; this time they only have 26 ingredients. Thank you, Lord, for sparing the kiddies.

As it turns out, a “sizable majority of school food authorities reported facing challenges while implementing the [USDA’s] updated school meal standards.” Looks like America’s youth has become accustomed to processed foods and controversial beef products.

[via Washington Post]

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