The Chew crew had #MEALTIME cookbook author and rap extraordinaire 2 Chainz on their show this week. The gang (more specifically, Mario Batali) made Chainz’s recipe for crab cakes, mango salsa, and “Me Time” sauce.  When Chainz tried the sauce on air he just looked really pleased and muttered, “Yeah, that’s dope.” During their crab cake cooking, Batali tells Chainz that “Mercy” with Kanye West is “such a bangin’ song.”

The Chew hosts go on to read fabulous lines from the cookbook aloud, and Chainz judges them on their reading skills. “Put on your Versace apron. While you wait, feel free to watch Belly on the big screen. Cook for 3-4 minutes while blasting ‘Hit it with a Fork’ at an ignorant level,” says Carla Hall sensually.

Then Daphne Oz reads a recipe for sauteed asparagus: “Drape yourself in an Adidas sweatsuit, chainz, and thangs. Cue up ‘Mainstream Ratchet’ and start it from the top.”

Chainz just nods his head in agreement as the hosts read his amazing prose. He knows he is a more masterful chef than any of the chef/hosts surrounding him. Chainz inevitably chooses the attractive blonde Chew host, Daphne, as the winner of the 2 Chainz #MEALTIME cookbook reading competition. We have to give it to Daphne, who does actually do a damn good job at reading the sauteed asparagus instructions. But it would have been way more excellent if she was rubbing “Me Time” sauce on herself while doing it. Just something to think about.

[via Grub Street]