If you thought Paula Deen was finally fading from the media spotlight, you thought wrong. Tonight at 10pm ET/PT on E!, Deen’s “E! True Hollywood Story” premieres to bring the world “the true story of the controversial food queen.”

The episode will follow her path to becoming a Food Network star and an icon for butter lovers everywhere, starting with Deen’s by-her-own-bootstraps rise to fame. According to the E! press release, her infamous racism lawsuit will have no shortage of screen time, either. Lawyers and PR professionals will give their two cents about her downfall.

A few winning quotes from the train wreck to come:

  • “The media sensed there was something blubbery and bleeding and vulnerable in the water. And it attacked.” —Allen Salkin, Author of From Scratch: Inside the Food Network
  • “If we were any closer, we’d share underwear. Our relationship and our bond has been forged through fire.” —Jamie Deen, Paula’s Son
  • “She will always have an audience. I won’t be in it, but she will have an audience.” —Anthony Bourdain

Here’s a preview of the Paula Deen edition of “E! True Hollywood Story”:

[via The Futon Critic]