Anchovies are one of those foods which have unfairly gotten a bad rap. “It’s the processing of anchovies that has given this fish its bad reputation. Because of their size and oil content, they don’t transport well,” writes NPR. Fresh anchovies and high-quality anchovies preserved in oil or salt, on the other hand, are an incredibly delicious delicacy. And now that we live in an umami-crazed world, I’m sure you’d be fascinated to know that the tiny, oily fish are packed with umami. Plus, they are one of the most sustainable fishes on the market.

In the video below, the NY Times’ Melissa Clark offers a primer on the “particularly polarizing fish.” Melissa puts jarred anchovies packed in oil on buttered toast for a great breakfast snack. In our opinion, anchovy toast sure beats Cheerios in the morning.

Here are three more fantastic recipes that use anchovies either as the main event or as a flavor enhancer (move over, Caesar salad):

Bon Appetit’s crispy potato salad with anchovy chimichurri 

Photo: Bon Appetit
Photo: Bon Appetit

Mark Peel’s steak with anchovy butter

L.A. Times’ Anchovy Aioli