The Internet is already calling Alison Gold “the new Rebecca Black.” The music video for the tween’s soon-to-be #1 hit single “Chinese Food” is horribly racist, offensive, attention-grabbing, and a viral hit. The video was produced by Patrice Wilson, the guy who gave us Rebecca Black’s “Friday” video (what a resume!).

In the video, Gold sings about her adoration for Chinese food while dancing with pandas and geishas. “It’s Chinese food, my favorite. So I’m getting hungry. I love Chinese food, you know that it’s true. I love fried rice, I love noodles. I love chow mein, chow m-m-m-mein,” sings Gold. AdWeek reports that Wilson, who appeared in the “Friday” video, shows up here as a rapping panda bear. The video has gotten almost a million YouTube views in just 24 hours, and has almost a four-to-one ratio of dislikes to likes.

[via AdWeek]