The September issue of Vogue Magazine includes a lengthy profile of famed Momofuku chef David Chang, entitled “The Anxiety of Influence.” In the piece, Chang elaborates on his success, youth, and inner perfectionist.

The chef charmingly sums up his culinary influence in one sentence: “‘I want the diners to smack their heads and think, Fuck, why didn’t I think of that? It’s like when you go to MoMA and think, I could’ve done that.’ He smiles. ‘But you didn’t.’”

In this simple but punchy clip, Chang’s signature fried chicken with caviar becomes avant garde stop motion. Please, attempt to recreate the recipe from this. We’ll wait as you rewind the video about a million times trying to catch every detail.

Watch the video, if only for the pretty colors and trippy imagery.

[via Momofuku Long Play, Vogue]