“I go by Papi on the streets, and I’m from Los Angeles,” is how chef Roi Choi began the poignant speech he gave at the third annual MAD Symposium. MAD is a gathering of some of the world’s most acclaimed chefs and food writers, which happened earlier this month in Copenhagen.

The Kogi BBQ chef’s speech was said to be one of the most meaningful moments of the festival. Choi talked about hunger and malnutrition in South Central L.A, and told the audience—which included most of the world’s best chefs—that they need to go out there and start giving back to their communities. What’s more, the based Choi played Dilated Peoples as his exit music at the MAD conference. All hail king Choi.

Watch the video above to hear Roi Choi’s full speech about why chefs need to get off their high horse and start feeding those in need.

[via MadFeed]

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