Samsara is the Sanksrit term for the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. The video above is a clip from SAMSARA, a 100 minute documentary focusing on our global culture of consumption and production. The video clip emphasizes the difficulties and inhumanity of the current meat production system, not just for the animals, but also for the humans who work in the meat industry. The full-length documentary places an emphasis on civilization around the world.

SAMSARA producer Mark Magidson says,

“We are happy this clip has struck a chord with so many people, and we hope that the interest in this clip will lead viewers to see SAMSARA in its entirety. This clip represents only 6 minutes from a 100 minute long film, which was photographed in 25 countries and explores many other diverse aspects of the human experience. We would love for viewers to experience SAMSARA as a whole.”

Click play to witness the sometimes-frightening reality of the meat industry.