In a classic, one-step-too-far mistake, satirical newspaper The Onion created a fake ad for two footlong Subway sandwiches for $9.11. The sandwiches were photographed to look like the twin towers with a Subway customer flying at them. So. Not. Cool.

Subway responded with an official tweet: “Like everyone, we are deeply offended by the fake story and ad created by The Onion.”

Then, in an unexpected turn of events, one Subway customer succeeded in redeeming the fake coupon. His friend and witness, Travis Northrup, writes:

“I played a prank on my friend and convinced him that The Onion’s satirical 9/11 deal was a real promotion, and when he and my other co-worker (who was in on it) went to grab the food, Subway actually honored the promotion. I gave my co-worker a blown up version of the picture that The Onion made for their article and they accepted it. I have a receipt showing a subtotal of $9.11 before taxes. My mind was blown. “

Watch the video Northrup posted on YouTube of the Subway employees honoring the coupon. Northrup even posted a photo of his $9.11 Subway receipt on Imgur.

Subway has yet to release an official response, but we’re willing to bet they are not amused.

[via Gothamist]