Homemakers aren’t the only ones who need Rachael Ray’s 30 minute meals—genius, stoners, drunks, and layabouts could use some help in the kitchen, too.

Ray is an expert at whipping up delicious late-night recipes, since she often gets home late from filming, partying, etc. So, when we had a chance to drop by the set of The Rachael Ray Show recently, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to ask the craft beer and pup-loving TV star to divulge her secrets to late-night feasting.

Ray’s first munchies-appropriate recipe is carbonara, or “bacon and egg spaghetti.” She points out that you can make this recipe successfully when you stumble in drunk at 3 am, since it takes little skill to prepare (aka, it’s incredibly hard to f**k up.) She also mentions that it’s sexy, so whoever you’re bringing home with you will appreciate your silky, rich, porcine spaghetti dish. Just watch out for garlic breath post carbonara consumption.

Next, Rachael explains the magic of “Ohio nachos”—or warm potato chips smothered in Cheddar cheese sauce, blue cheese crumbles, and hot sauce—and how to make the perfect gooey, melty grilled cheese. “If you can’t make a sandwich, you really should just go straight to bed at that point,” says Ray. That’s probably sound advice.

Watch the video above to see Rachael Ray demonstrate recipes suited for late-night feasting.

The Rachael Ray Show just launched its eighth season. If you’re awesome and spend most days chilling on the couch in your underwear, find showtimes in your area right here. Or record it. Whatever it takes, players.