First he took our giant sodas, and now Mayor Bloomberg is after the e-cigarette. Three new City Council bills aim to raise the legal purchase age to 21, prohibit cigarette advertisements in stores, and set a cigarette price floor at $10.50.

Although purportedly written with no intention of banning e-cig use, new wording in the bills ensures that the electronic cigarette market would be limited to a few “tobacco bars” in the NYC area.

In a Gothamist interview, Dr. Michael Siegel, a professor of Community Health Sciences at the Boston University School of Public Health and a supporter of electronic cigarette, says:

“This is a de facto ban on electronic cigarettes. Pretty much all electronic cigarettes are flavored; they’re essentially flavored products. You’re basically telling a bunch of ex-smokers to go back to cigarettes.”

The bigger debate is the place of e-cigarettes in public restaurants and bars. Does it even count as smoking? According to Grub Street, Carlos Mariachi bans them at Blanca because he feels they release an odd scent that ruins his tasting menu. Le Bernardin bans them simply because they are “tacky.”

According to The Daily Mail, even Momofuku asks that guests don’t smoke electronic cigarettes because they are ‘disruptive’ to the other diners.

We need your feedback, e-cig users and restaurant-goers. Is a ban just?

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